Bin Laden Mission

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On May 2, 2011 the world was change by the death of Osama Bin Laden. This was the result of a United States Military invasion into Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound. As happy as the U.S. was about the death of the person that was a major part of the 9/11 attacks the Pakistani, however, was not happy at all. The reason behind this anger was because the U.S. had not notify the Pakistani government, while the U.S. and Pakistan were somewhat allies on the subject of killing Osama Bin Laden. Some the the people in Pakistan where also  upset by this fact. This is a little understandable but the fact supporting why I think the U.S. did this justify their actions.

The government had no idea that Bin Laden’s compound was about 40 miles away. His compound was also right next to a military training center. This is careless and could put the mission in danger, because any U.S. military personnel that went to the capital of Pakistan would have probably been seen by Bin Laden’s people.

Also, the mission needed to quick so taking the time to translate the message to the Pakistani government. This mission, once all planned out, needed to be acted on and trying to get two sets of soldiers to do the mission would have taken to long. This also may have compromised the mission.

I understand the frustration with the lack of communication. But if was the difference between getting Bin Laden or not I think that all the people of Pakistan,even the government could forgive the U.S.

If you would like to want to see a newscast explaining how the mission happened click here.


New Meaning To Being a Gangster

In class this week we watch a TED Talk about this man named Ron Finley and his gardens. In the area in which he lives there is not a lot of options for healthy real food. The only option they have in this area are fast food and gas station junk food, and this was not the way Ron Finley wanted to continue to live. So, he did something about it, and that to me is admirable because he did not just complain and continue live in a way he did not want to he did something about it. What he was start growing a small garden on the grassy area next to the sidewalk, but the community did like this so they got the city officials to get him to remove it. But Finley did not stop there, he then started growing these gardens in the empty lots in the area. Majority of the other locals that felt the same as Finley  started to help him and they all start to grow these garden everywhere they could, they call themselves Green Grounds. And Green Grounds has provided a place for people to get real healthy food that they need. They also have a program where at risk teens come a learn to garden and how to help their community instead of hurt it. Finley has also stated that because of this they are redefining the meaning of the word gangster. That means instead that if you are not a gardener and a shovel in your hand you are not a gangster. Finley is giving people that live in a poor area a chance to eat healthily and help their community.

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Visit their website here.

Reviewing I am Malala (So Far)

In class we are reading I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, she is the young woman who was shot by the Taliban on the way to school because she stood up for the rights for other females to go to school. This book very well written, inspiring, and the story is a great look into the world of the lives of the people and culture of Pakistan. So far we have learn how the Taliban slowly has made its presents known and is implementing its ideals into the minds of the Pakistani people. But even with all the destruction that is happening around her and her family Malala still stays consistent with her studies and determination that something will stand up to the Taliban. Little did she know the her and her father would somewhat become the face of the movement in their village of Swat. Learning about there culture and religion is very interesting as well, because with the exception of some of the advancements, our culture is not that much different then their culture. People love to watch TV and listen to music, and  Malala even mentions talking about the Twilight series with her friends. And as far as there religious practice, they pray and believe in God which is the same thing as Christianity, the only difference the way it is expressed. Is this the way you feel, or do you feel different? If so, how?

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