Reviewing I am Malala (So Far)

In class we are reading I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, she is the young woman who was shot by the Taliban on the way to school because she stood up for the rights for other females to go to school. This book very well written, inspiring, and the story is a great look into the world of the lives of the people and culture of Pakistan. So far we have learn how the Taliban slowly has made its presents known and is implementing its ideals into the minds of the Pakistani people. But even with all the destruction that is happening around her and her family Malala still stays consistent with her studies and determination that something will stand up to the Taliban. Little did she know the her and her father would somewhat become the face of the movement in their village of Swat. Learning about there culture and religion is very interesting as well, because with the exception of some of the advancements, our culture is not that much different then their culture. People love to watch TV and listen to music, and  Malala even mentions talking about the Twilight series with her friends. And as far as there religious practice, they pray and believe in God which is the same thing as Christianity, the only difference the way it is expressed. Is this the way you feel, or do you feel different? If so, how?

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One thought on “Reviewing I am Malala (So Far)

  1. I agree that Malala’s lifestyle is similar in some ways to that of the average American’s. Although, I do think that the culture of the people in Pakistan is different. For instance, they’re more welcoming and inviting to strangers. In America, we tend to be skeptical of inviting strangers into our house holds as we never know their intentions, but in Pakistan it is considered to be normal to provide nice hospitality. Also, we say “thank you” in return to a nice gesture. Though Malala mentions that in Pakistan, their way of saying “thank you” is by doing a good deed for that person in return. All in all, I agree with your post that when comparing the cultures of different countries, the results can have similar attributes. But when closely digested, it is easy to detect differences that cause their culture to be different than that of our own.


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