Education Destroys Power

This week we read the chapter in I am Malala where Malala is shot in the head by a member of the Taliban. The Taliban put out to the media that the reason of the attack was because she admired and spoke in favor of President Barack Obama. This we know is not the reason or not the only reason. The main reason was because she stood for the education of girls. This whole event made me think about why the Taliban is so against education that they would shoot a young girl. Most people think and say that it is because they do not want girls/women to have the same rights as men. While I do not think that is far fetched I do not think that this is the biggest reason. I honestly think that they do not want to have to compete with anymore people then they already have to with all the educated men. They love to have power and if women were to given the equal opportunity to be educated then they would be on the same playing field. This would then lessen their power and give some to women. Power is fuel by the fact that people believe whatever the person in power says, so if you educate more people then the chance of people believing the people in power lessens immensely. It is like when your in groups in class and you get put with the really smart kid, you know you want them to answer the questions because you believe that they know the curriculum. Do you think this is why the Taliban is so against education for girls, or do you think it is something else?


2 thoughts on “Education Destroys Power

  1. It is crazy that power is still like this today anywhere you go. Showing that people would go as far as shooting a little girl just wanting to learn is pitiful. Looking on the outside in the situation is taken as a huge deal hoping it wouldn’t come to this and that it is such a rare occasion. But there people have been targeted everyday of their lives and are constantly scared for their safety. We look to this situations to see what not to do and to have a peaceful country but, sadly stuff like that is hard to conquer and come out on top. Malala is a very strong little girl, i think she gave not just girls in her country to stand up for they believe i but every one around the world that was touched by this story.


  2. Power has a colassal effect on the motives of people. Throughout history the battle for power has ocurred. It comes with war, persecution, and corruption. Sadly we still have not learned and the terrorists group in Pakistan can just be seen as another example. They are trying to keep citizens in the dark without an education. The group seeks control and power. They are willing to torture people and do great harm to get the results they want. It is not safe for anyone over in Pakistan when they are around. Attacks and scare tactics are used to keep people in line. Anyone who disobeys their law is not safe. Their hunt for power could easily be the reason for why Malala was shot. She was in the way and the did not need her. They are willing to go to any extreme possible to gain control and wealth.


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