Art or Manipulation of History?

Ava DuVernay is the director of the movie Selma. The purpose of this movie was to educated people on the Civil Rights movements and the events that happened in Selma in particular. She also wanted to highlight the works of Martin Luther King. All of these reason are great and I agree with all of them. But, her movie went under fire for the pretrial of President Lyndon B. Johnson because he was shown as someone who was not as open to helping Martin Luther King as some may have thought. If you do research of this topic there is no evidence the Johnson and King’s relationship was as hostile as portrayed in the movie. Now am I saying that there was not moments were it got heated. No, this time in history needed to be handled very delicately because of the high level of violence that could breakout at any moment. With that said I do not think that the pretrial of Lyndon B. Johnson is very accurate. The only reason I have a problem with this is because of the reason that Ava DeVernay made this movie, which was to educated people with the history of this period in history. If you are going to manipulate the aspects of the history then you are not accurately educating people. Which is completely defeating the purpose that she has said is the reason she made the movie. Her defense of this criticism is that parts of the movie are art. I love art, but I think that she could have put artist value in the movie and also kept the historical accuracy.  Do you think feel the same why? If not, why?

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One thought on “Art or Manipulation of History?

  1. I agree with what you said about art. She definitely could have included the art aspect of the movie without portraying Johnson so negatively. If the goal of the movie is to educate people of the civil rights movement and the struggle for voting rights, then they should make sure every part of the movie is historically accurate. It’s not fair to Johnson or anyone watching the movie if the facts are not accurate. I believe Johnson wanted to help MLK and the movement, but he had a lot of other things on his plate. He might have put off the voting rights bill, but he was probably doing this for a reason. He wanted to be able to get to get other important issued resolved too. Overall, I think the movie did a good job on showing the hard work and determination everyone had in overcoming segregation.


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