The Movement of Mandala

obit_frame_Nelson_Mandela_1918_2013_16x9_992 In South Africa their was a set of laws called the apartheid laws. These laws restricted the black Africans from living in the same conditions as the white Africans. Not only did they not get to live in the same conditions, but they did not even have the opportunities to achieve the same lifestyle. The black Africans wanted change, but were trying to make it happen in a less than productive way. The violence that was caused by these scenarios only made the whites more prone to adding more restrictions instead of just having blacks what the want. The man that helped make that change happen was Nelson Mandala. He invoked peace into the equation for change and the movement took a turn. Even though the government did not like his way of trying to provoke change they eventually came around. Mandala was arrested and put in prison for life, but only served 27 years because the government saw that they needed him because of all the violence that was happening. They released Mandala and he continued his fight in government. The way Mandala would talk made people believe that change is possible and that it can happen peacefully. Mandala recognized that the government was where the change had to come from and that there needed to be someone in government that wanted that change to occur. So, he went on TV and said that if people wanted change that they needed to vote because he ran for president. And won in a landslide. From that the apartheid laws where demolished and South Africa has become a much more peaceful place. This all because of the movement of Mandala.


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